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Thanks for checking out Junk Car Oklahoma City Cash For Cars where we are the leading buyer in purchasing your vehicle in the Oklahoma City area. We make it very simple for you to sell your car the same day and get cash on the spot for it. We always provide free car removal and free towing for all of our customers. Our over the phone quotes are guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about us trying to haggle you down when we arrive to pay for your vehicle like what most “Cash For Car” companies. Since we do provide free car removal and towing, there is no need to worry for any hidden fees or expenses. Sell your car in Oklahoma City with confidence.

We understand that not many people have used this emerging service. But, did you know? Not to long ago, people used to have to pay tow companies to get their junk car removed. But now, tow companies are paying you for your car. We send tow trucks all over the area. We buy and and all cars in Midwest City, Bethany, Edmond, Piedmont, Mustang, Yukon, Choctaw, Moore, Norman, Newcastle, El Reno. We send tow trucks up to 40 miles from downtown Oklahoma City.

You can try to sell your car in the Oklahoma City newspaper, or online. But you usually end up dealing with a bunch of phone calls from shady people who aren’t really serious about buying your car from you anyway. So they’ll say they will come look at it, but never show up. The ones that do show up just try and haggle you down by making you feel dumb for even asking for the price you advertised for.

Over The Phone Quotes Are Guaranteed Every Time With Us

As you call around to places, you may get an idea of the average amount you will be getting for you vehicle. However; there are companies out there who are more interested in just getting the chance to get out to you, because then they can intimidate you into thinking your car isn’t worth as much as they quoted you. A typical situation as to how this happens is the first question a cheating company like this will ask you is how much you’re looking to get for it. You could tell them you want $500 for it, and they will tell you that they will pay you that. You may think, “Wow, that’s pretty awesome.” However; when they arrive, they will tell you that the car isn’t in as good condition as they thought it would be in, then they may look under the car, or under the hood and tell you the Catalytic Converter is aftermarket so that hurts the price, so on so forth. They basically just keep telling you all the bad things with your vehicle, and by the time they are done, you get half of what was told to you or less. It’s a tactic done to get you to stop calling around, because if you get told what you want, then you will wait for them to come by and “pay” you that amount. Which never happens. Being that most people are new to this service, experience this with an untrustworthy scrap car removal company will only lead you to think that if this place does this, then who’s to say the next place I call to sell my car to won’t do the same thing. This is simply just not true! Whatever quote we give you over the phone, is the exact amount you will receive when our driver arrives to pay you and tow it away.

Don’t support these companies that use these dirty tactics. Support honest companies like us who want to get you the most cash for your junk vehicle possible. Sell your car today by calling us now! You will get a guaranteed quote, and possibly a pickup in the same day. Support an honest cash for automobile Oklahoma City company.

We know how hard it is to find that perfect car buyer for your junk vehicle.  Well, you are in luck, we are that scrap car buyer!

We will purchase your car and tow it away for free.  We understand the importance of free towing and that is why we offer that with all of our junk automobile purchases.  We don’t hassle you over the phone and what could be better than that.  If you have any questions you need answered, just give us a call and ask us.  We will answer your questions the best we can and have you on your way to a quote.  We are an honest company who will give you an honest quote.  Call us now!


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    Guthrie, OK
    Kingfisher, OK
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    Moore, OK
    Mustang, OK
    Newcastle, OK
    Noble, OK
    Norman, OK
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Pauls Valley, OK
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    Shawnee, OK
    Stillwater, OK
    Tecumseh. OK
    The Village, OK
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